Saturday, March 3, 2007

Bebo vs. Facebook ?!

Which one to choose, blog viewers ??? I have both but I think I do now prefer Facebook !!! Please give me your opinion !!

X Bluebell X

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I <3 MIKA !!!

I bought Mika's album 'Life in Cartoon Motion' on the weekend ...! I completely fell in love with thE guy and his music (I also saw him on French Taratata on Friday night) and I would love to know what you think !! If you haven't bought it yet, PLEASSSEEE buy it ... It's :


THANK YOU MIKA <3 size="3">X Bluebell X

Sunday, January 28, 2007



I watched this new thing SKINS last night - (I had recorded it) and I thought I would post to ask my blog viewers what they thought ... So please comment, starting with the word:
YES - if you liked it
NO - if you didn't

Thanks xxx

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Clarice Bean ....!!!

Don't ask me why .... but I was just thinking about this little Madam and I thought I would write a post on her. Some might say it is quite a childish thing to post about but I've always loved little Clarice and I think she appeals to both children and adults in different ways. SO ....

Here are some pictures of her !!!

She is a cute little girl with a CRRRRAZZZY family and a madddd best friend named Betty Moody.

Read some of her books !! They are out nowwww !

Monday, January 8, 2007

Let's try again !!!

If you haven't already watched Grey's anatomy, WATCH IT !!!!

It is the story of a group of medical interns who work tirelessly for 48 hour shifts in Seattle Grace Hospital (not suprisingly !) in the state of Seattle. It follows, in particular, a girl/woman named Meredith Grey, who has made a sort of family out of her intern friends. Her famous mother Ellis Grey was also a very renowned surgeon and has written many textbooks. One problem : she has Alzheimer's disease and is stuck in her intern days. All Meredith's fellow interns have idolized Ellis ever since they can remember. Then:

CATASTROPHE ---> Ellis Grey comes into Seattle Grace with some kind of illness and everyone realizes that Meredith has been hiding her mother's illness all this time.

Meredith's group has been assigned an attending named Miranda Bailey - known as 'The Nazi' (just goes to show, doesn't it ??) . Her group contains 4 other interns : Izzie Stevens, Cristina Yang, Alex Karev and George O'Malley.

But any normal person also has a personal life worth speaking about don't they ? Well these doctors do, for sure ! Just before Meredith starts her internship at the hospital, she finds a VERY VERY good looking man named Derek Sheperd (a.k.a Patric Dempsey ... I love youuuu) at the bar.... The meeting ensues in a HOT NIGHT and the next morning, what does Meredith find out when she gets to the hospital ?
Who is standing there in the operating room ?
Who ???
Well, just to give you a clue this is what Meredith thinks when she sees that person:
Shiiiiitttttttt, I slept with my bosss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This puts her in an extremely awkward situation. And as if this wasn't enough later on, this is what she finds out:
Shittttt my boss has a wife !

Wife on the left (Addison)
Meredith in the middle
And Derek, torn on the right !!!

Izzie has a crush on bad boy Alex Karev but gets annoyed by the fact that he des not treat her as well as she would like !! It is a surprise to her group of friends as he always seems like a cynical little bastard to them ;) !!!

Cristina is also dating her boss, the famous cardio-thoracic surgeon, Dr. Preston Burke. This results in another awkward situation especially when .... that little line turns blue and she realises she is PREGNANT !!! Unfortunately, she suffers from an etopic pregnancy and loses her baby.

George O'Malley has always had a big crush on Meredith, which is very hard for him considering that he is aware of the shenanigans of her own love life. He also lives with her and Izzie which makes it even harder.

Alex Karev is (as mentioned) a bad boy. He puts on a hard face but, I believe, he has very kind intentions, he is always very kind and understanding towards his patients. He also has a slightly irritating habit of having short flings with the nurses. One of these flings is with Olivia, who then sleeps with George. But guess what ? Alex had syphillis so that mean that George got it too. Result ? A punch up !!

Chief, Dr Richard Webber is the big boss of all the surgeons and is regarded with high respect by all the interns.

Well, there you go ... your intro to Grey's !!!! I will most probably be posting more on this LEGENDARY series as time goes by !!!!

Blogs ....

This whole blog thing is quite new to me .... I mean granted, I've got Bebo and I've had a website and stuff but I guess its a bit different. Here, all there is is my words, whereas on other websites there is music, quizzes and more. So please comment me on how you think I'm doing ! I guess I'll be posting on things and people I like but if you have any ideas, please say so !!

Love Bluebell xxx